A Universal File System

Take back control of your storage

In the age of big platforms, we don't really own everything. Desktop brings back a sense of unity, allowing you to organize, search, and access files stored in all your content silos. It is the everyday companion for your files.

Keep your files under control

Bring all your storage together.

Connect multiple accounts from the same service.

Create quick access to your most frequent folders or searches.

Get notified when you have received new content.

One login to access all your files

Desktop already supports the most popular online storage services.

Do more with your files

Download, rename, delete, and move any file or folder.

We support cloud to cloud transfer of files and folders between two separate services or accounts.

Save torrent files with one click and play them instantly.

Unified Search

Search within one service or all of them at once.

Think Spotlight, but for all your storage.

You can pin multi-searches and local searches.

You can move search results directly to the folder or service of your choice.


You can pin frequently used folders for quick access.

You can pin frequent searches like "PDF" or "MP3" to have them handy.

Folder and search pins will notify you of the changes since your last visit.


You can upload a file to the service of your choice directly in your browser.

Drag and drop a file to the relevant storage or click on the upload button.

You can also use our Chrome extension, "Save The Internet", to save an image or a file from a webpage to the service of your choice.

Cloud to cloud

Copy files and small folders from one service to another.

Monitor the transfer's status with Transfer Activity.

Enjoy your content with our custom media players

We've designed custom media players to provide the best experience.

There's no need to open third-party applications anymore.

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