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on your content

It's time to take back control.

We're building new ways to access our personal, social, and public content.

We are an independent software studio based between France, the US, and Australia.

Because we live in too many apps, we've decided to create simple, transparent, and platform neutral interfaces for all the content we care about.

We are currently building a web Desktop, a social media Dashboard, and a public Library.

All our products follow the principles of the Slow Web. They are respectful of our time, our attention, and our privacy.

Create your Dissident account, become a member, and you will have access to our 3 products.

Bring all your online storage together.


A home for your files.
Unify your storage, organize your content,
unclutter your thoughts.

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Discover new sources of interesting content.


The next generation of social feed reader.
Turn social chaos into organized inspiration.

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Rediscover the best of our past, carefully preserved.


Access the back catalog of the Internet.
Discover hidden gems, explore music films, books and art.

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"Let’s break down the walls between platforms and
reignite the spark and sense of freedom of the early internet."

Tariq Krim Founder and Chief Dissident

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We are a global community of dissidents who believe
it's time to create a better environment for our content.

Our products are designed to simplify our daily browsing habits
and provide the fastest access to the content we need and love.

We are an independent platform. We don't sell ads or harvest personal data.
Our products are only funded by our subscribers.

During our launch, our subscription is just 5€/ Month.