A toolbox for polite

Take back control of your digital life.

Recreating the internet we used to love, one interface at the time.

We are a team of Web artisans based between Europe and the US. We grew frustrated by the limitations imposed on us by Big Tech, so we decided to build an alternative, transparent, and platform neutral access to the content we own, love, and care about.

Between the endless noise, the artificial limitations set by the services, and the decisions made on our behalf, we all deserve a better experience.

That's why we’ve created Dissident, to provide that simple and uncompromising set of tools for our online needs: A Desktop to fully enjoy the content we own, and a Library to quickly access the content we love.

Our products follow the principles of the Slow Web. They are respectful of your time, your attention, and your privacy.

Our first product


Put your clouds in order.
Access all your storage, play and move your content between services
from the same interface.

Our second product


Surround yourself with the content that inspires you
in your life and in your work.
Explore and share the back catalog of the Internet.

" We are on a mission to slow down the pace of the Internet and recreate the sense of freedom of the early Internet, one interface at the time. "

Tariq Krim Founder and Chief Librarian

Support our mission

Dissident doesn't want to be just another platform. We see ourselves as an alternative to the "junk food" Internet.

Enjoy slower, healthier, and more ethical access to your personal and curated content.

We are fully independent. We don't sell ads or harvest your personal data.

Our products are funded by our members.

During our launch, our subscription is just 5€/Month.
To become a member create an account in any of our products :