Break down the walls between platforms

Tech is the center of our modern lives. But it's broken. We are quietly losing the ability to control our lives. Our daily inspiration and the promise of a new digital frontier has been hacked by the big platforms and sold to the highest bidders. The interesting corners of the web seem fewer and farther between.

We deserve better.

This is why we have created Dissident, an Underground Creative Workspace designed for people who miss the innovative spark of the early Internet.

Help us build the best alternative environment for creators and modern thinkers, for less than the price of one coffee a month.


A home for all your digital belongings. A quick access to all your storages and important ressources. Use the same interface to search all your content and open all your files.


Unclutter, reorganize, prioritize your personal space.


Turn social chaos into organized inspiration.
Create your own feeds to monitor the social web and find hidden gems. Easily share and save all your discoveries.


Let creatives stay creative.


The last remaining public library will be online and we are building it in our free time. You can already access millions of books, movies, music and art in public domain.


Make the entire Internet your Internet.

Tariq Krim

"We are dissident of a computerized world that leaves no more room for personal thoughts, serendipity, and subculture."

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Join our Global community of dissidents. We've started this platform to help us take back control of our lives, now it's available to you. We don't sells ads or harvest personal data. Our products are only funded by our subscribers.

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