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It's time to take back control.

Tech is the center of our modern lives. But it's broken.

We are quietly losing the ability to control our destinies. Our daily inspiration and the promise of a new digital frontier has been hacked by the big platforms and sold to the highest bidders. The interesting corners of the web seem fewer and farther between.

We deserve better than a computerized world that leaves no more room for personal thoughts, serendipity and subculture.

We've created the Dissident platform to to better organize access our personal, social and public content. Our products follow the values of the Slow Web and are respectful of your time, attention and personal data. They are designed for simplicity, transparency and are completely platform neutral.

Discover Desktop, Dashboard, and Library, our suite of products to take back control.

Reclaim access to your own content.


A home for your digital belongings.
Unify your storage, search your data,
unclutter your thoughts.

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Unlock your sources of creativity.


Turn social chaos into organized inspiration.
A new way to explore, filter and research content inside Social Media.

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Rediscover the best of our past, carefully preserved.


The back catalog of the Internet.
Discover hidden gems, explore music films, books and art.

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"Let’s break down the walls between platforms and
reignite the spark and sense of freedom of the early internet."

Tariq Krim Founder and Chief Dissident

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We are a global community of dissidents who believe
it's time to create an online environement that is not toxic to us.

Our products will help you build new healthy browsing habits
and provide a better organization for your content.

We are an independent platform. We don't sell ads or harvest personal data.
Our products are only funded by our subscribers.

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