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Dissident is a Slow Web Studio and an independent platform. We are reimagining access to ownership, inspiration and culture. Discover our first 3 products.


A place for you and your stuff. Regroup all your storage in one place. Personalize, search, and open all your files and multimedia content with the same unique interface.


Let creatives stay creative.


Turn social chaos into organized inspiration.
Create your own channels to monitor the best content from creators, media, or organizations. Dashboard lets you explore the back catalog of social media and easily share your discoveries.


Opt out from a world dominated by social noise.


Free Access

The last remaining public library will be online and we are building it in our free time. You can already browse and access millions of books, movies, music and art in public domain. By becoming a member you also support our mission of making this project available to everyone.


Declutter your digital life.

Our product interfaces value slow design, simplicity and quality time. Removing the unnecessary distractions and the limitations introduced by the mega platforms so you can enjoy a deeper, more meaningful and respectful access to your little digital universe every day.

Tariq Krim

"I wish something different could come up. A sort of slow web that is to technology what slow food is to processed things." - Drifting

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We are a global community of dissidents who are replacing an unsustainable and addictive online environment with an ethical alternative.
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