Take back control of
your digital life

"A toolbox for polite nonconformists."

We are building the ethical Web experience that each of us deserves.

We are a team of web artisans based in Europe and the US. We became frustrated by the artificial limitations imposed on us by the “Big Tech” and decided to create our own way to explore the online world.

We’ve launched two products: Desktop to give you back unrestrained access to your files, and Library to help you streamline all your sources of inspiration and knowledge.

We were tired of living in a digital world that turns everything into fast food for the mind. This is why all our products follow the principles of the Slow Web. They are respectful of your time, your attention, and your privacy.

Dissident is one singular experiment. Where most services want to decide for us and limit our choice, we're working hard to give you back control of your digital life.

Our first product


A File Navigator for all your storage.
Take back ownership, search, move and access content no matter where it was stored.

Our second product


A Content aggregator free of distractions.
Curate your personal selection of blogs, social media, and free quality content.

"We are on a mission to slow down the pace of the Internet and recreate the sense of freedom of the early Internet, one interface at the time."

Tariq Krim Founder and Chief Dissident

Support our mission

Dissident will help you create new and healthier browsing habits.

Discover a different perspective by focusing on what really matters. Unlock your creativity by finding new sources of inspiration.

We are not interested in building a platform for harvesting your personal data or filling your screen with things you don't need.

It's the reason why we've decided to make Dissident a subscription-only platform.

To make it accessible to a broader audience, we decided to keep our subscription fee as low as possible: 5 euros monthly or 50 euros yearly.

Special Launch Offer

You can buy a yearly membership code for 50€ and get access to all of our products.