Unclutter, reprioritize and get deeper perspective.

Dissident is a Slow Web Studio and an independent platform for creative minds. Our inspiration has been hacked by the big platforms. This is why we are re-imagining access to ownership, inspiration and culture. Discover our first 3 products.


Better organize your digital ownership. Regroup all your storage and content in one place. Create quick access, search everywhere, and setup your own multimedia center from one unique interface.


Let creatives stay creative.


Turn social chaos into organized inspiration.
Create your own social channels to monitor your favorite creators and explore the back catalog of the Internet, find hidden gems and easily share your discoveries.


Opt out from a world dominated by social noise.


Free Access

The last remaining public library will be online and we are building it in our free time. You can already browse and access millions of books, movies, music and art in public domain. By becoming a member you also support our mission of making this project available to everyone.


A Home garden, not a Walled garden.

We want to break walls, not build more of them.
Our products remove the unnecessary limitations introduced by the mega platforms, gives back full control over your content and creates more intuitive ways to access what we need in our lives.

Tariq Krim

"We all became dissident to a digital world that leaves no room anymore for personal ownership, serendipity and niche culture"

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Join our global community of dissidents. We've build this platform to bring back the original excitement of the Web. We don't sells ads or harvest personal data. Our products are subscription only.

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