Discover our family of Web Media Players

At Dissident we believe that we should be able to read, write, watch and play any content format no matter where it is stored.

Desktop and Library come by default with a full list of Web Media Players.

We have customized each players to offer the best user experience, the widest range of format supported, all within the confort of your web browsers.

Our players have been tested to work on desktop and mobile Web. There's no need to open third party application anymore.

Video player

Watch all your videos in full-screen with subtitles and film information.

PDF reader

Read all your documents and magazine right inside your browser.

Ebooks reader

Read all your ebooks in ePUB format with a perfect full-screen experience.

Music player

Turn your online storage into the ideal music library.

Office Document Editor

View and edit your office documents instantly without opening any additional software.

Article reader

Read your saved articles with an uncluttered design and no advertising.

During our launch, our subscription is just 5€/Month and gives you access to all our products.