Remember the old world?

We used to spend hours scanning bookshelves for hidden gems, flipping through crates of vinyl records to find that one perfect song or getting lost in carefully crafted photo albums. A slower pace and undivided attention gave us a sense of meaning and mystery in our everyday explorations.

But the new digital world has left us drifting. The technologies that were meant to empower us have made us passive. Machines have taken over the responsibility of serving our experiences, deciding what we should see, think and feel.

At Dissident, we are on a mission to slow down the pace of the Internet, to opt out from a world dominated by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence and take time to nourish human intellect.

Our mission is not driven by nostalgia for the past, but belief in an alternative future. A future where humans get back in the driver's seat with new ways of exploring a world of infinite content and crafting our own unique space there.

We are now taking the first steps into this future by recreating an ”analog internet”. We are restoring what machines have broken apart and giving creative minds space to breathe, time for serendipity and uncluttered selection.

We believe that this is a mission worth fighting for, and we hope that you will join us.

Together, we are Dissident.