We are a "boutique" platform designed by a small team based between Europe, US and Australia.

We believe the Internet should be a place to think, discover and be creative. When the big guys decided to turn it into a passive place, conduct experiments with our content, and messing with our minds, we decided to imagine an alternative.

During our launch, you can access to all our services for 5 euros per month (save 17% with a yearly plan)

Here are 3 reasons you should subcribe to Dissident:

The world needs alternatives.
Tech Giants are limiting the access to our own content because their interest are no longer aligned with ours. We believe that every user should be in control of their digital life. It’s up to us to define what the future of the internet will look like by supporting services which are building different approaches.

Our mission needs your support.
We have decided to combine an ambitious mission with quality and ethical software.
We have built our own platform, designed our own services, and are working with amazing people around the world dedicated to treating your content with respect. This is what you pay us for every month.

You can create new habits for your digital life.
Remove the confusion, limit the fragmentation of your life. By creating a different perspective around your content, you will unlock your natural creativity, create healthy browsing habits and find new sources of inspiration to focus on what really matters.

We hope you will enjoy our products,

The Dissident Team

During our launch, our subscription is just 5€/ Month.