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Library is one of the largest curation of content from the Public Domain in the world, made available to our members for free. We sourced some of the most interesting archives of digitally preserved art, culture, science, and history.

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We have integrated thousands of movies in the public domain and organized them into categories, like Comedy (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton), Film Noir (Detour, The Hitchhiker), and Sci-Fi (don't forget to watch Plan 9 from Outer Space).


We already have hundreds of thousands of collections of art available online. Browse the French Reunion des Musées Nationaux (still experimental), the Met and Brooklyn Museum.

Ephemeral films

We have included video collections of ephemeral films like The Prelinger Archives, incredible source material preserved from the last century.


We have compiled some of the best public domain book collections. From Feedbooks to digitalized classics by the Gutemberg Project, they can all be read with our included ePub reader. We also have audiobooks in different languages.


We have included Computer Chronicles and Netcafe, the most incredible shows about the early days of the computer and internet revolution. We will keep adding legendary TV shows.


View entire collections of photos and videos from NASA, study open source courses from MIT, and browse ArXiv, the biggest archive of scientific documents online.


Listen to an incredible musical archive of preserved 78 inch vinyl recordings. Browse the Free Music Archive and experience the dawn of the MP3 revolution.

This is just the beginning

We are looking for more content to include to our Library. By subscribing to Dissident, you allow us to dedicate more resources to building this service and improving our open web media players while keeping Library free for everyone.

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There is more to discover