Focus on what matters

One place for all your social content

Dashboard brings together all your sources of information and inspiration. Discover videos, photos, articles and more on social media but turn them into a browsable catalog. Create channels to monitor your personal interests and continue to find and save hidden gems.

The Sidebar

Access all your social media sources in one place.

Connect different social profiles from the same service.

Create quick access to what's important to you.

Be notified about new content in your selected feeds.

Social Sources

Dashboard already supports the most popular social sources.

New services are constantly being added, based on member requests.

A new way to explore social media

Browse faster without unnecessary distractions and advertising

Immediately access the content shared within a feed (photo, music, video, article, ...).

Click to read, play or watch instantly.

Use our list view to rearrange browsed content by date, author, or source.

Smart saving

Transfer and save important content back to your Desktop.

Save with the best quality offered by the service.

Social Media Search

Search within a specific service or all of them at once.

Think Google, but for social media content.

Sort results by names, dates, authors, or sources.

You can pin searches to monitor updates.

Granular personalization

Pin your favorite artists or channels for quick access.

Select artists' sub-feeds (stream, favorite, likes) for deeper exploration.

Get notified when the content has been updated since your last visit.

Share your discoveries

We provide you with a sharable link and quick access to the most popular sharing platforms.

Enjoy your social content

We've designed custom media players to provide the best experience.

There's no need to open third party applications anymore.

Video player

Watch all the videos shared on social media.

Music player

One music player spins tracks from all your favorite sources.

Photo editor

View, edit, and save any photo back to your Desktop.

Article reader

Read your saved articles with an uncluttered design and no advertising. Save your articles as PDFs.

There is more to discover

Dashboard is part of a suite of products that also includes Desktop and Library. Take back control of your digital universe, get more inspired and creative.

There is more to discover