Dissident is a new project coordinated by Tariq Krim, founder of Netvibes and Jolicloud.

After the Paris attacks in 2015, Tariq decided to take a step back, slow down and disconnect. The suffocating aftermath of the tragedy made him not only reflect on life but on the state of technology; he gathered his thoughts in an online essay called "Drifting".

Tariq had very mixed feelings about coming back online. It had become more and more difficult to escape the frenetic pace of content bombarding us. We are increasingly susceptible to filter bubbles and addictive app design that track and demand our attention at all times. He saw that the digital world had become a much less enjoyable place than it was just 10 years ago. But in this day and age, being fully disconnected didn't feel like a real option either.

He started working with a small team to rebuild an online experience with integrity. While most platforms are trying to steal users' attention, waste their time and exacerbate their senses, Tariq's idea was to go in the opposite direction. He was focused on the concept of slow design, more simplicity and fewer notifications; something that would offer a deeper, more meaningful and more respectful access to the digital universe.

Dissident was born.

The Dissident platform will be a home for those who want a less interrupted life. It will bring back an "analog internet" that combines the values of the pre-web world with the simplicity of modern technology. We call it the Slow Web.

Dissident is boutique digital platform, a place where your data stays private and yours. Unlike most platforms that offer their product for free in exchange for your data, we have decided to ask for a modest membership fee to make our product affordable and available to artists, creatives and knowledge workers from around the world who want to make the internet a place of creativity again.

We are only interested in offering tools for your life, we are not trying to be your life.

Declutter your digital life, focus on what matters and regain ownership of your content. Join the movement.

Together, we are Dissident.