We are Dissident Software, a digital advocacy that believe in a Slow Web Future

Dissident was formed by a group of Slow Web Enthusiasts who has been previously involved in people-centered platforms like Netvibes, and Jolicloud.

Desktop and Library are our first products.

Our history

The idea for Dissident.ai started a few years ago when we realized that a handful of platforms had privatized the Internet we loved.
We decided to create another way to access and organize the content we own and care about and bring back the sense of freedom of the early Internet.
After a couple of years in private testing, we decided to make our products available to the public for a small subscription fee.


A dissident is someone who actively challenges an established doctrine. While big platforms are limiting our access, discovery and inspiration, our Alternative Interfaces are here to bring back a sense of freedom and control to our users.

Our product philosophy

We want to take the time to build honest and well-crafted software.
We follow the principles of the Slow Web: we respect your time, your attention, and your privacy.

Our design philosophy

Instead of living in multiple product universes with incompatible rules, we unify all your content in one place. All our products are "no logo", and use a clean design to limit noise and unwanted notifications.


We charge a 5 euro monthly subscription (50€ yearly).
We want to give our users the peace-of-mind that their personal data is not being sold to the highest bidder when they use our products.

Your Privacy

Privacy is essential to us. We support and comply with the GDPR, the European rules witch aims to strengthen personal data protection.

We use SSL for all our applications and cookies for authentication and session data only.
We use Stripe for payment so your email address and payment information is shared with them. You can view their privacy policies for more information.
We use Amplitude and Google Analytics to collect anonymous analytic data to help improve our service over time and Intercom for user support and messaging.

Your information is never shared with advertisers. We won't keep any of your personal information if you decide to leave our service and delete your account.

If you have any questions about privacy: [email protected].

During our launch, our subscription is just 5€/Month and gives you access to all our products.